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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. What is the difference between this dolphin tour and any other in the area?

Here at Thomas Outdoors, we pride ourselves in having the most well trained staff and the most professional as well. Our staff is trained in CPR/First aid and are boating safety certified. And they are always ready to share their knowledge of the area. And if you still have questions, go to our contact page or give us a call at 843-280-2448.

Q. How many sunset cruises do you offer each day?


Q. What do we need to bring for the jet ski dolphin watch tour?

We do recommend to bring a waterproof camera. Please do not bring your exspensive digital camera. But if you forget we do offer them for sale. Other than that, just you. We will provide a bottle of water for everyone. There is a small compartment on the ski so if you need to bring sunscreen there is room. We also have small dry boxes for small personal items including keys, smokes, tips, etc.

Q. Will we see JAWS?

NO!!!!!! And if you do, RUN!!!!

Q. Can we drink alcohol on the pontoon boats?

The laws on the water are the same as on the road. You need a designated driver. You can not drink and drive!

Q. I know a guy, who knows a guy, who met a guy, who knows the owner. Can you cut me a deal?


Q. I want to go fishing with my family of 8, do we all have to get a fishing license?

South Carolina requires individual fishing licenses.

Q. Can we swim with the dolphins?

Sorry, but they are wild mammals in their habitat. It's just not a good practice.